A Walk In Her Pearls (AWIHP) -Sweatshirt (Non Glitter Versions)*

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A Walk in Her Pearls Keepsakes are now available for purchase. These exclusive keepsakes have been designed to commemorate and honor the vast and varied pearls of experience that Chapter Sorors have lived, and have now shared. By purchasing AWIHP Keepsake items we can all continue to celebrate the amazing impact that we,
as pretty pearls, inspire

*A portion of the sale of these 2018 T-Shirt's and Sweatshirt's will go towards AWIHP Connection. Quantities while supplies last

These Sweatshirts may take up to 2 weeks to arrive as they are custom. They will be featured in a Non Glitter and may require a minimum quantity be ordered at a time. Please order while supplies last, re-orders may not be available.